Garden Tips

How To Squirrel Proof Your Garden

I guess you won’t find it pleasing to fill your garden with flower bulbs only to end in squirrels’ diet. These animals can be destructive when in search of what to feed on mostly in cold seasons. How can you secure your garden from these pests? Here are the best techniques provided by squirrel removal Toronto that can never disappoint you.

1. Use garden enclosures

If your garden is not that big, this is the best bundle you can opt for. Basically, 8 meters tall fence secured by a chicken/aviary wire will work perfectly. Within this space you can freely grow a variety of plants ranging from vertically erected tall plants to short ones. Most importantly, ensure you fit an entrance opening and spacious walkways within the garden. You’ll have succeeded at keeping the squirrels away from your floras.

2. Fruit Guards

Is your garden full of fruits? Well, these are squirrels delicacy that will always lure them into your compound. That shouldn’t be a problem though, wrap individual or a bunch of fruits with fruit guards to protect them from being feasted upon. Clear glass bottles are the most potent tools for this job; a bottle cutter will also be of big help when fixing the bottles or in the time of harvest. It doesn’t necessarily limit you to glass bottles; use any transparent material that is well aerated. Though it’s a difficult method, it is worth its reliability to keep your fruits free from these pests.

3. Decoys

Squirrels are smart animals that will always come for more if they identify a food source. This is where decoys come of aid. Deploy them in your garden earlier before the plants mature. Let’s take for instance you want to grow strawberries, purchase plastic strawberry prototypes and fill them in your garden. The rodents will try to feed on them severally at last considering them inedible. By the time the real fruits will sprout, the animals will have professed your garden a no go zone.

4. False Predators

This is among the easiest way to go about it. There are various predators that prey on squirrels. Examples of fox, owl, snake and hawk counterfeits can really scare away the pests. If you can have any motion scheme possible to keep the models moving, go for it; it will work more efficiently. Sound producing elements have the same effect too. Just work smart and be creative to get rid of squirrels.

Squirrels are highly destructive pests that if not taken care of, massive losses or damage can be encountered. The best blueprint to ensure you curb this problem is learning their behavior and conducive environment agents for their survival. The above means can save you from all this.