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How to Get Rid of Squirrels Humanely

Even though squirrels may be cute animals, they can cause a number of problems if they decide to permanent reside in and around homes. In most cases, they like to use gaps, chimneys, attics or walls, in order to build their nests. The following are the best ways of how to get rid of squirrels humanely.

Find of Possible Entries

If homeowners begin to hear noises of squirrels in their homes, the first thing they should do is to try to find possible entries and seal them up. They should carefully inspect all possible ways that these little rodents might be using to have access. For example, it might be a small entry hole: there might be openings in roof vents or eave gaps, that are large enough for squirrels to fit through.

Escape Routes

One of the best ways to remove squirrels from the attic is with the use of one way doors. The process of squirrel removal is quite simple, you would need to buy and set one way out doos on the holes. In case a squirrel has been trapped in the attic or chimney of homes, for instance, homeowners can hang a rope down through the chimney, so they can climb back to the roof and get out. Moreover, they can leave a window in the attic open and make them go out by luring them with some squirrel food. Once the small rodents are out of home, the residents need to mount these holes, so the squirrels can be blocked outside.

Usage of Traps

Squirrels are small rodents, but they can be fast. So, they can’t be caught easily and can actually cause severe damage to properties. Found in the gardens, they can eat vegetables, or they can chew through the attic walls. Traps can eliminate drastically the squirrels. Homeowners, though, need to use the right strategy, by using the trap, in order to catch the little rodents. There are a number of rodent traps in the market, like body grip traps. Or they can buy the single animal live cage trap, which is the simplest and more efficient. In fact, squirrels are lured into these kind of traps (made out of metal) by food and they can be easily caught. Homeowners can also use the usual mouse traps. For example, they can cover them with a piece of paper and sprinkle a little dirt on top of them. When a squirrel comes to dig, the mechanism works.

Invest in Squirrel Food

These cute rodents really love peanuts, corn and many more. Homeowners can place the food outside of the house by luring them with peanuts or corn, which they really love. This way the squirrels will find their way to food and live the house. This way homeowners can seal up all the holes, so the squirrels can not find their way in.

Relocation of the Squirrels

Once the little squirrels have been trapped, it’s better to be relocated away from the house. For instance, they need to be removed no less than 10-15 miles away from home property, in order not to be able to find their way back.